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The ancient city of Suzhou has an enviable location and trading history that has resulted in a unique level of prosperity and fortune through the ages.  Perhaps the greatest result of this can be seen in the breathtaking and historical Suzhou classical gardens.  It is little wonder that people say South China is the most beautiful, and Suzhou is the most beautiful in South China.

People from Suzhou are undoubtedly proud of their unique heritage.  These world famous classical gardens are important not just in China, but worldwide.  The Suzhou classical gardens are UNESCO World Heritage listed and are the reason why the city has become one of the most revered cities in China.   The Humble Administrator’s Garden is the largest, with a history of over 500 years and an abundance of natural and man-made wonders.  A place where greenery is matched by glistening ponds and intricately carved pavilions.  It is truly an oasis of epic proportions.  To the west of Suzhou lies the second of its classical gardens, theLingering Garden.  Trees and blossoms here are best viewed from crossing bridges and standing on islands.

Often described as a labyrinth, the Lion Grove Garden is an amazing array of rugged Taihu lake rock formations interwoven with plants and walkways, a maze of nature and fun.  Simple architecture in the Surging Wave Pavilion is another example of the way that Suzhou’s classical gardens combine nature and art.

Best viewed at nightfall is the serene Master-of-Nets Garden.  Here, nightly Opera performances are staged in a moonlit backdrop of bridges, pavilions and ponds.  If rockeries catch your interest, then the Mountain Villa of Embracing Beauty is an essential destination.  Zigzag paths, wallflowers and clear, reflective ponds are characteristics of The Garden of Cultivation. A true romantic garden running alongside the city walls is the aptly named Couple’s Garden.  It is distinguishable by its sleek water areas.  In the last of the UNESCO World Heritage gardens is theRetreat and Reflection Garden.   Further out of Suzhou, it has many architectural features situated on small islands.

Suzhou has been a prosperous city for many years, and as such, there are many other beautiful gardens open to the public all across the area.  North Banyuan Garden is home to a wide range of trees and flowers whereas the more open-planned Five-peak Garden derives its name from the tall Taihu Lake rock pillars that create a unique scenic opportunity.  The West Garden will interest those who are fans of statues, fish and turtles, as it has a remarkable collection of each whereasQuyuan Garden is a combination of an old residence with a classical garden. Visitors can eat and drink tea in the Tinfeng garden, which stands out due to its large number of maple trees or at Yiyuan Garden, a much younger garden.  The East Garden is the newest, and stands out thanks to a large lawn, unique amongst gardens typical of this area.   

 Few cities can boast such a collection of natural and man-made treasures, but Suzhou can do both inside its Classic Gardens.

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