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Suzhou is a truly ancient city, enjoy the "There is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou" reputation, the old town area is still located in situ, on a rare home and abroad. In fact, in this my trip and found that not all the beauty of Suzhou, the garden being, and Beijing, have to multi-lane bridge to see Suzhou river. Because of the name of each lane will have an allusion. (Note the mouth of Suzhou each lane has a sign, note the name of the direction and allusions) In short, Suzhou is a book, is the need to savor a book. Suzhou, air, water, a bridge with one tower, a Street Lane, are Ji Yu legend of beauty and the mysteries of life, will evoke endless reverie. Well, do not say how many, and begin my journey: the

Bank: lay out the most important, mainly in Suzhou city buses, tricycles and taxis are three. (Black car, I do not recommend) fight. Starting price: 10 yuan. Bus with "You" word line, can be reached sites. However, these word line of cars travel very crowded. As the gardens are located in urban areas, a taxi can reach the door, but the bus due to road is not too wide, and many can not direct the door, the most suitable for a lazy, only tricycles . tricycle driver, but not excellent reputation, we must first promising route, distance, heart may have points, be sure to take counter-Oh. there is often the driver will pull you to a number of attractions and hotels, also do not believe He described all irregular shop, is black. Must adhere to their own minds. I met a driver actually lied to me that there is no concept of the street before the hotel, but also what brought me to the beautiful street and what the water upstream, when the tourists are really stupid.. They say I down the back: "To do tricycle around, and a dollar, food court, beauty Street, rivers and lakes."

If a taxi queue must be in a special place and so on, so that it can may not be rejection (because sometimes it will refuse hire near the road, showing that the relevant departments weak) bus stop across the road, travel 1 travel 2 and 529 202 other public vehicle route can be to the city. If to Zhouzhuang if the same words in the artificial iron bridge crossing the road too will see a bus station called the flat four, doing car in this place.

Well, get down to business, I spent 2 nights 3 days to play in Suzhou, the cross road to travel: Lion and the Humble Administrator's Garden, Ping Jianglu history Street, Zhong Palace, Suzhou Museum, view of Front Street, Shi Quan Street, Master of the Nets Garden, Lingering Garden, Tiger Hill, Hanshan Temple, Pan Gate Scenic Area. As follows:

The first day: the train and bus stations out there to cross the road, the road south, the bus is open from west to east, I took the bus to reach the one dollar and friends described the previous apartment. (You can do 11103102 waiting for the bus station next to the Cha Yuan, get off to the opposite view see Po Development Bank) apartment in a four-star hotel Younger Dynasty Hotel upstairs. , The configuration can also cook their own food is high.

Introduced in the bosses enthusiastic help determine the tour route, the bus first went to do Lingering Garden, Tiger Hill. View of Front Street the evening went, with a meal in the Song Helou. (Now think of it, I chose this hotel as my trip to the Inn Suzhou is absolutely correct, location is very convenient, bus lot, the hotel is not in office to garden, Pingjiang Lu, Guanqian Street are very close walk in 5 minutes or so) at night to the concept of Front Street. Apartment personally feel good, very affordable convenient.

The next day: went to Pingjiang Lu and Gan Road. Morning went to the Hanshan Temple, noon return to the town, in the Green Yang ravioli stew, place of living across the road, with the meal (price, taste good), back to the hotel to sleep for a nap, then went to do 305 Pan Gate Scenic Area return to the Suzhou Museum, zhongwangfu (both rely on hotel). 202 to make cars at a Shiquan Street dining, the evening went to the Nets Garden. Health monitoring can go to mute the morning to eat, on the edge of the walk 2 minutes. Still selling milk side effect of.

7:30 Humble Administrator's Garden opened up the third day, very few, and then went to the Lion. And playing in the vicinity.

All travel is completed. Speaking for three days, in fact, because of my timing constraints. In fact, the above can be two days, vast.

Detailed traffic routes are as follows:

1, the Lion and the Humble Administrator's Garden: do Tour 1 / Tour 2/202/529 Road / 811, etc., to the Lion and the Humble Administrator's Garden station, will see a small alley east of Article 3-5 minutes walk Lion Forest Garden Road and up.

2, Humble Administrator's Garden and zhongwangfu, Suzhou Museum: From the Lion Grove Garden Road, north along the walk 5 minutes north of Humble Administrator's Garden and zhongwangfu, Suzhou museum. Among others will also see Wu Hotel. If to Pingjiang Lu, then across the street from the 7-minute walk east over a small bridge turn left go straight it wants.

3, to view Front Street: walk 2 minutes, and if to Shi Quan Street, Nets Garden, can do 202. Are very close. Bus because I was all done, and the place where you can walk to, as long as 5 minutes or so.

4, the Lingering Garden: It can travel a way, playing well he can do a tour to Tiger Hill.

5, to Hanshan Temple: You can bus under the bridge at any mountain, move forward up to 150 meters. Of course, you can also play well to stay car park to play 10 to Hanshan Temple.

6, to the gate area: Burton Road Hospital, in temporary bus station directly before doing 305.

7, to the Tiger: From the city is about 25 yuan to fight, to do a tour bus and travel 2 1. Proposal to do a tour, because you can read the Lingering Garden.

View, Humble Administrator's Garden Lion Linsu Bo Ping Jianglu can play together. View of Front Street the evening of course is playing, attractions Tiger Hill, Lingering Garden Hanshan Temple can play together. Gate to tell the truth, can not go. Where I live, in front of that is characteristic of small bridges in Suzhou, not far from a bus station opposite, as many as 17 buses at any one place, all direct. It is convenient.

Eat: I eat these days is basically the morning of Suzhou famous face and snacks. Such as: noodle, fried dumpling, and more are all in the city. Good point you dinner, garden road famous Wu others watching the former street Song Helou. There is some Shiquan Street store still can. Green opposite the famous Yang mixed Dayton, there are students cutting edge of the dumb. Shops too much, all you can choose.

Food Recommended:

1, noodle shops and snack: Zhu Hongxing, front view of the street Huang Tianyuan. 5-8 dollars per capita is very good.
2 restaurants: the famous Tak Yuet Lau and Song Helou would not have said that in view of the street before.

Others include:
① Pik Fung Square Kawabuku floor, the main improvement of Sichuan, the price is moderate, the amount is sufficient vegetables, which require such translation units, per capita 50. Also Kawabuku floor every day and a 18 per / person unlimited supply of self-morning cup of tea, many locals eat, the high cost.
② good snacks, in the rice field Fung Square and Cha Yuan each one, affordable, and recommend good fried rice, or 18 per package, per capita 20 yuan
③ Furen Square Mengzi rice noodles to the face of tremendous scent drag chicken juice big row of signs for 3 yuan / piece, rice noodles 6 to 40 dollars
④ Mom rice noodle chain, rice noodle varieties that many 5 to 10 yuan / bowl, rice noodles can be free to continue to add

Famous Soviet-style signature dishes include: squirrel mandarin fish, shark fin soup, ring oil eel paste, watermelon, chicken, whole chicken home oil, Lake water shield soup, jade shrimp bucket, stew, etc. Lotus Collection.
Suzhou is also famous for snack world, secret sauce tofu, pine nuts and sugar, rose seeds, shrimp sauce, Zaoni linseed Meal, lard, salt cake, all well known, must-try.
Suzhou, a famous Soviet-style restaurant pushes "Tak Yuet Lau" and "Song Helou."
Tak Yuet Lau (Eunuch Alley 27) features are: seasonal and timely transformation of different recipes. Spring cherry juice meat; summer, steamed shad, maple shoe, the Netherlands juice the Doctor and so on; autumn chestnut yellow chicken stew, take the oil the meat; winter, there are the eight bones in Baoji, bad cook mackerel, assorted warm pot.
Song Helou (View 141 Front Street) was founded in Qing period, over 200 years of history, is representative of traditional Jiangsu cuisine. Squirrel mandarin fish, BI Luo shrimp, stew meat and tofu are the signature dish of this restaurant.
Actually, many restaurants, the price is almost, why choose these recommendations, but also because a lot of friends who were proved to be good, there is good word of mouth. I prefer the noodle shop and snacks are Song Helou.


Suzhou is a tourist city, there are many hotels, the price is not the same people, but for tourism, preferably live in the city, on my own terms, location to be convenient, because the Suzhou Yuan Lin is in the main urban areas, choose some cheap hotels hotel apartment, 170 price is relatively the most appropriate conditions certainly be justified too low, too high a bit much, but also unnecessary. But the most important thing is quiet, safe and convenient security. Cattle and tricycle taxi drivers and described, anyway I was more determined not to kill the will. The people I lived in a hotel apartment concept Suzhou front shop, configuration is very good, very clean, the main is too convenient, 170 yuan a night on weekends, before the central concept in the urban areas is still relatively cheap, and to the Humble Administrator's Garden Pingjiang Lu Guanqian Street all within walking distance, up to 5-8 minutes, there is a bus directly to all other attractions, there are sites worth http://www.suzhourenjia.com/ brief. He usually is 170 dollars, do not bargain, comparatively. I am also a regular business trip in Suzhou friends introduced to me. Disclaimer: This shop is non-pro and non-so, but that is recommended.


Play: (Suzhou Nightlife):

Suzhou Suzhou in accordance with the distribution itself is divided into urban, urban west are industrial new area, called Area, east of the Suzhou Industrial Park urban, referred to as Park, on the bar, to the urban areas most popular bars. Mainly in view of the urban bar before the commercial street, Shi Quan Street, gate of heaven Xu Road three places, its own characteristics and differences. I also listen to local friends introduced, the situation is like this, Suzhou, hottest bars and Phoebe Bar Baidu, Baidu, harem characteristics: take the high service line, and stimulate consumption. Cons: service blunt, dogmatic. Cases: No camera, breaking the glass will lose, MC wishes to send only high-end customers. Wong Ting 2, BOSS and so on. The cheapest is the view of Front Street's bars and clubs Las No. 1: Positioning for the 18-24 age group younger age consumption, low consumption, the atmosphere lively Disco. Meanwhile, the Las ducks training in place to provide accurate positioning for the Miss Hou Banchang nightclub entertainment. Oh, I had my friend! ! !

Other Notes: 1. Railway station or bus station exit of many recommend any day trips or hotels who do not go to who ignores, as long as you have a little hesitation, meaning, he will wrap you half a day!
2. Suzhou tricycle better not sit, do not go to listen to those outside the driver to the very low fares fishing village folk recommend you go to any park or Grace, lotus garden. Those places are not fun, do not say, the driver can get your rebate contributions.
3. Suzhou, Shanghai is acceptable to all bus traffic card and Wuxi Taihu Pearl card, but fares Harbour.
4. North Temple Pagoda and East Shan monks inside the temple are fake, to seek fortune-telling sign of the extortion of foreign tourists
5. Suzhou specialty are largely Soviet-style confectionery silk and silk shops Jiejia building near the bridge south of Zhongshan more concentrated, there are some pre-view. Confectionery to adopt Chi Chai, Daoxiang Village, leaf by and for the good, in view of Front Street.
6. Suzhou full of convenient traffic, basically take the first word line can travel to the tourist attractions and downtown
7. Should return some time to get something done other tickets, do not return when the time could not process. There are two points on behalf of the votes in urban areas: 1. View of Front Street was on downstairs (bad attitude) 2. Access bridge across an office, doing up to 301

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